Lifestyle August 15, 2023

Tips for Summertime Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is as important as indoor space, especially in the summertime. Everything in your backyard — whether it’s a fire pit, dining area or theater — should be part of a well-planned, integrated design. Here are a few outdoor accessories that will turn your backyard into another room of your house.

Fire Pits

Fire pits add a warm touch to an outdoor area and can serve as a focal point in landscape design, especially if you live in an area that gets cool at night. You can choose from wood-burning, propane, gel fuel and natural gas fire pits, many of which double as an outdoor coffee table when not lit. If space is a consideration, go with a tabletop model.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Your outdoor kitchen should have everything the chef needs to prepare a backyard feast, starting with a gas, charcoal or hibachi grill. Also consider adding a smoker, warming drawer, stove top and pizza oven, depending on your favored cuisine. For those who like a few beverages by the pool, consider an outdoor bar complete with a mini fridge, sink, ice maker, beer tap, wine chiller, and of course, a blender for margaritas. And don’t forget to make sure the area is well-lit for those evenings of entertaining.

Dining Areas

What good is it to eat and drink outside without a dining area? Make sure it has comfortable chairs with durable cushions and a table for dining with an expansive umbrella for shade and shelter. Styles vary widely, from Mediterranean to Japanese, Victorian, country kitchen and cabana designs, or with whatever stylistic flourishes tickle your fancy. Not interested in contemporary outdoor sets? Comb local thrift shops and flea markets for mismatched country kitchen furniture or bring an elegant dining set outside under a covered awning for a fresh new take on outdoor dining.

Backyard Theater

The next best thing to a drive-in, a backyard theater can entertain family and friends. For a well-designed movie-viewing experience, make sure you have a video projector, a free-standing portable screen, and to top it all off, a popcorn machine. Another outdoor viewing option is a self-contained outdoor TV, which come in nearly every size and incorporate heavy-duty construction, making them resistant to temperature and weather. Some also are resistant to rain.

For more backyard design ideas, check out Pinterest and enjoy outdoor living this summer!